Catie is a mad genius. No seriously, a mad genius, and everyone knows that a mad genius comes with their fair share of quirks. Catie’s are mostly the kind that are endearing, not the kind that will drive you nuts. Her seemingly ludicrous ideas, the ones in which Matt rolls his eyes, usually are the best. Catie’s laughter, personality and fearlessness are infectious. She plays sports with reckless abandon and is a joy to all who are allowed in her world. Catie will most often be found having a full blown conversation on the couch with our baby Lucy, the dog. Don’t worry, Catie does the dog’s voice too. It is all just Catie’s world and Matt is too scared to know what goes on in there.

Matt is a brilliant, very athletic, funny, hard working man. He also has that odd aura about him, one that makes people feel comfortable, therefore, he’s always having strangers tell him the STRANGEST things, things you’d only tell a close loved one. Matt is also tall…and bald. Although Catie now loves his bald head, she’ll be the first to admit it terrified her the first time she saw it. You can frequently find him rolling his eyes at Catie & humoring her crazy antics. His favorite things are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, golfing, and reading (his forever long time passion) – he’s the definition of a book worm-will read anything & everything, and does.

Born on a very cool mathematical date, 3/6/12, Link is the progeny of Matt & Catie. His bald head is reminiscent of his father and he clearly gets his cuteness from his mother. While still small, Catie is convinced he is going to do something great someday, he remains coy and refused to say a word to be quoted in this bio.

Lucy B (short for Lucy Brazzale Williams) is Matt & Catie’s first baby. Lucy B is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix, and has an ear from each breed to prove it. Her passions in life are snuggling, sun bathing in the backyard, strolling through the neighborhood & peanut butter.

Combined, they are an easy going & slightly on the geeky side fearsome threesome!

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Link has found his passion

September 6th, 2016

and it’s not hockey.  It’s BMX.  It started with me bringing him to the BMX track to ride his $2.50 garage sale bike – someplace other than the cul-de-sac.

There are races every Sunday.  After a few weeks of him riding the track, we brought him to the races to watch to see if he’d be interested in the future.  He needed to race that day.





He “won” a trophy his first go – 4th place at the 2012 Salt Lake City, UT nationals.  Older riders donate their trophies so the kids just starting out get to pick one after their very first race.  Obviously he picked 4th place because he’s 4 years old.


He was hooked after.  He insisted he get a new bike with “skinny” tires like the other kids.  He also asks to go to the track every night after school.


Last week it was pretty rainy in the evenings & on Thursday he said to Matt on the way to school

“dad, can you call Jesus today?  You know, he lives on the other side of those mountains.  Can you ask him to make it not rain tonight so I can go to the track?”


This weekend he legit earned his first trophy – third place.

As long as you don’t get last place in the 2nd round, you advance on to the last round, which is where you can take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  Even though he wiped out twice, and once pretty huge (his skinned elbow will prove it), he still got back on his bike & barely finished 2nd to last.









He’s fine.

June 21st, 2016

At Duke’s 12 month apt, his MD suggested we consider getting him tested for speech/communication delay.  I told her I think he’s fine, and has proven to be his own dude who does things on his own time.  We agreed to follow up at his 15 month apt.


At his 15 month apt, he was still behind, so I agreed to get him evaluated, to appease his MD, he’s fine.


After scheduling an apt. w/ early intervention, the case worker asked me what concerns I had.  I told him his MD thinks he’s behind on speech/communication, but I think he’ll catch up, no worries.


His first apt. was for his hearing test, in which he failed miserably.  He reacted to no sounds except the lady talking to him.  His ear drums also were not responding to vibrations and were “raging red”.

The second apt. was for speech therapy, occupational therapy & social evaluations.  The case manager again asked me what my concerns were and I told him I think he’s fine, but his MD thinks his communication & speech are delayed.  The speech therapist asked me the same question a few min. later & I told her the same thing.


After the evaluation, turns out he easily qualified for speech therapy.  As the speech therapist, case manager, & myself are sitting around the table discussing a plan and the evaluation, the case worker says “mom!  How do you feel now knowing Duke qualifies for services?”  Me:  I think he’s fine, but a little speech therapy won’t hurt.


I’m fairly certain the case worker wrote “mother in denial” in his file.

After a bit of a run around, we saw an ENT who suggested tubes.  We have since had a follow up hearing test after tubes, in which Duke passed with flying colors.  In the mean time, he’s receiving speech therapy.  Matt & I aren’t sure we want him to talk.  The kid already is noisy and walks around the house shouting “dah!  dah!  dah!” at everything.  Imagine when he actually has words?  We’re going to regret this decision, I’m sure of it.








See…he’s fine!!



Future Frat Boy

May 10th, 2016

We’re pretty sure Duke might be a frat boy.  Aside for his ability to chug all liquids like a champ, needing to walk around w/ a snack cup at all times – he’s convinced his daycare teachers that he’ll only nap w/o his shirt on (and walks around a portion of the day w/o it).  IMG_6709




and then there is this kid’s brother…



Bless me these boys.


4th Birthday

March 9th, 2016

When your birthday falls on a Sunday you get to chose what you do all weekend long…and what you eat.
Friday, I took Link with 3 of his friends in the afternoon to Chuck-E-Cheese for am impromptu/unofficial birthday celebration.  More of a “hey, play games with me& eat pizza”.  He had a blast.  The games were OK, but he really liked the fun house to crawl through.  The first few times he was scared & finally convinced to go through with him – kid wasn’t lying, it was creepy!





Saturday AM we went to the cupcake shop where he picked out 4 cupcakes.  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, & Chocolate.  All the chocolate!

Sunday was Link’s actual birthday.  We went to church, where he passed out Kit-Kats to his Sunday school friends.  Rode bikes, opened presents, ate cupcakes & had a friend come over to play with him.




When Grandma Roberta asked what he got for his birthday, he wasn’t lying when he said “all the presents”.  Kid was spoiled this year.




The Big

February 25th, 2016

Link is becoming such a funny dude.

Today they were able to bring their favorite stuffed animal to class.  He chose Lola, the MALE giraffe.  When he got to class, Ms. V (she’s from South Africa) asked him what he brought.  He showed her his giraffe, she then said “Link, did you know Giraffe’s come from where I’m from?” and he said to her “You’re from the zoo?”


Last week, I went to pick him up from school and they were out on the playground.  He shouted “mom!  Look!  I have an ice pack”.  I just smiled…whatever dude.  His teacher then proceeds to tell me he was in line waiting to go outside when he bent over to moon his friends and another boy pushed him & he smacked his head on the wall.  Oh dear heavens…  I couldn’t help but laugh, and sort of serves him right.


After Link powers through his after church doughnut, we rush to the front of the church where the “church busses” are waiting to bring people to their respective nursing homes – every week he insists on jumping on & saying hi.



Link likes to push Duke in the stroller into Church.  Last week he told me I didn’t need to help guide him because Optimus Prime will show him the way (since he can barely see over the top).  I had to help him a bit anyways seeing as Optimus Prime can also barely see past the folded canopy.








Last weekend at a friends birthday party, there was a man making balloon animals.  He couldn’t ask for a sword, flower, or dog – he needed to be a dinosaur.  This kid.



The Little

February 10th, 2016

Duke is officially walking.  Woohoo!  However, if to many people are watching him or make a big deal of it, he lays down on the floor & plays dead.  God love him.


He’s a major mama’s boy and  the squeaky wheel with a vast vocabulary that consists of “uh-oh” (actually, that’s all he says).

You’re not paying attention to me mom?  Let me lay on the floor & cry really loud.

I’m done eating?  Instead of signing, let me yell really loud (even though you’re right next to me).

I’m hungry?  Let me make it known by whining & climbing your leg.

You didn’t provide me with my favorite food at this meal. I need a banana at each meal.  I will yell until it’s provided.

What is that mom?  I’ll point & say “di” or “da”.  If you don’t promptly answer me, I’ll yell it at you.


Duke is full of the snuggles and won’t turn down an opportunity to be held.  He still has a very jolly laugh, and even when crying, will laugh if you do something silly.  He is still, for the most part, a very happy little Dude.  The King of smiles.
Love this boy.











Redemption….sweet redemption

January 7th, 2016

I don’t know if you remember last year, but we never made it to get pictures with Santa.  I guess we lost track of time with an early family Christmas & then having Duke.  I felt fully motivated to take the boys Christmas Eve Day.  When we got to Bass Pro Shop, the “ticket” they gave us was for 2pm, the earliest they had.  That was 2 hours from when we got there.  Unfortunately, we didn’t wait around 2 hours.  I was beyond disappointed.


Thankfully, my sister in law is a rockstar & kept the “ticket”, in case we could use it again this year.  I was lucky & they used the same tickets they did last year this year (as I’m sure every year).  Ironically, Christmas Eve Day was the only day I had time to take them again this year.  I made sure we showed up at 1pm, you know, JUST IN CASE.  We were one of the first in line.  Awesome.  I felt a little guilty, because after talking with the lady in line behind me,  she said they sold out of tickets for the day at 10:30am (they opened at 10 am!).  I was a little nervous in line because everyone else ticket had a white sticker on it – ours did not.


Link & Duke stayed busy in line by snacking & coloring.IMG_5958




Then!  IT was time.  Santa Time!  Link, of course, loved it.  Duke, well, he got coal for Christmas.


If anyone has a Bass Pro Shop near, I highly recommend their Santa Workshop.  Lots to do!  Coloring, games, & activities.






January 7th, 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas, starting the weekend before in WI w/ my family.



The boys had a wonderful time w/ their cousins, as always.  A special thank you to Abby & Gabe for putting up with them!




On our way back to the airport, we stopped at Kopps for lunch & frozen custard.  Link was so kind to share his w/ Duke, even though he didn’t have to.




One Year Old

December 23rd, 2015

Duke turned one last week.  We celebrated in WI with a birthday party & early Christmas.

Being the picky eater he is, he was skeptical about the cake, but found some enjoyment!






He weighed in at 23lbs 6oz & 31″ tall.  Not to shabby little guy, not to shabby.


He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

October 26th, 2015

Link came to the two wheeled bike, he saw the two wheeled bike & he conquered the two wheeled bike….and now refuses to ride it.