4th Birthday

When your birthday falls on a Sunday you get to chose what you do all weekend long…and what you eat.
Friday, I took Link with 3 of his friends in the afternoon to Chuck-E-Cheese for am impromptu/unofficial birthday celebration.  More of a “hey, play games with me& eat pizza”.  He had a blast.  The games were OK, but he really liked the fun house to crawl through.  The first few times he was scared & finally convinced to go through with him – kid wasn’t lying, it was creepy!





Saturday AM we went to the cupcake shop where he picked out 4 cupcakes.  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, & Chocolate.  All the chocolate!

Sunday was Link’s actual birthday.  We went to church, where he passed out Kit-Kats to his Sunday school friends.  Rode bikes, opened presents, ate cupcakes & had a friend come over to play with him.




When Grandma Roberta asked what he got for his birthday, he wasn’t lying when he said “all the presents”.  Kid was spoiled this year.




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