6 months

Duke is 6 months already.  He’s so awesome.  Incredibly happy & easy going.  Teachers at daycare stop into the infant room just to say hi to him & get a big smile.

We started him on solids a week before his 6month birthday.  I probably should have done it sooner, but you know, life.  The kid was ready.  He was born to eat.  I feel like Link is our athlete & Duke will be our eating competition champ.  Both things to be proud of.

Duke is lazy, I say this nicely & lovingly.  He CAN roll over, and by can, I mean has done it a few times, but mostly just choses to lay his head on the floor & scream.  We’re still working on sitting.  He’s improving everyday, but can NOT be trusted.  Also, if you put a boppy behind him when he’s sitting, he automatically lays down, puts arms out, smiles & lounges – true man.



IMG_4565 IMG_4627


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