A Blender Moment

A new phrase has been coined in our house “a blender moment”.  Its the moment when just as you think anything else can’t go wrong, something does, and all you can do is laugh or cry.

The history: Matt has been SUPER stressed out with work.  He woke on Monday morning and said “you know what, I can’t control the stuff at work, so I’m going to make the choice to feel good about myself today.  I’m going to work out, eat good, and be positive”.  Part of the eating good was making a shake.  I guess the blender went around about 3 times and then just died.  Thankfully, he laughed, not cried.  But just when he thought nothing else could go wrong and he had made a decision to be positive…the universe threw him a curve ball.

We’re now VERY proud owners of a Magic Bullet.


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