A “crazy” idea & me…

Earlier this month I received a letter in the mail from my local Mazda dealership saying they were buying back used Mazda’s.  That gave me the idea that I’d sell them mine, and Matt & I would become a 1 car family until fall when we planned on buying a new car anyways.  I had it figured out.  Matt could get a used & inexpensive motorcycle for days I needed the car (like Wednesday night for golf league) and in the meantime, I’d do something I’ve always wanted to get into – biking.  I found a few used roadbikes on craigslist that would fit my tall 5′-1″ frame.  Unfortunately, Matt didn’t buy into my idea.  Sad.  But seriously…

*Dad, please stop reading here*

My inner hippie thinks it will be A) good exericse to ride my bike to/from work 2-3 days/week  B) would love to save on gas & C) would like to help save the environment.  But part C isn’t HUGE on my list..just something nice to do, like recycling.
*Dad, you can read again*

In the meantime, I’m going to work on getting a road bike and riding anyways.  Who knows, I may hate it? 

On a totally other note –

Matt & I are going to Vegas in 3 weeks.  We’re going for a work convention Matt needs to attend.  While he’s off schmoozing, I’ll be hanging with “the wives”.  I’ve never met these woman.  I only know that they are all stay at home mom’s to real estate tycoons. 

As always, I’m nervous.  Nervous they’ll judge me for being a working lady.  Nervous they won’t like me.  Nervous I’ll be the fat frumpy wife.  I do have one thing up on them…I’m WAY younger.  I know there are spa days involved (yay!) and cocktail parties.  The cocktails party is my worrisome part…I’m sure these woman are bombshells that wear size 2 and have amazing make up. 

Let’s be honest, I’m a reformed hardcore tomboy, but still can’t stand to wear her hair down & have it on her neck.  My “make up pouch” consists of a M.A.C. eye shadow pallate of 4 shades, eye liner, & mascara.  Most days, I can’t be bothered to put mousse in my hair let alone apply mascara or anything else.

Thankfully, Carrie, has it together, and can give me some pointers & lessons before I go.   You can expect debutant training in my living room everyday for the next 3 weeks. 

I’m also afraid they’ll be all “Yeah, my porsche roadster, the one I drive after dropping my kids off at school in my range rover, isn’t fast enough”.  And I’ll be all “yeah, I can totally relate.  My road bike max’s out at 6 mph and no one hears my bell”.

I know I have nothing to worry about.  These woman (I affectionaly call them the sorority) seem to be nice & down to earth ladies, like me.  And I rarely have a hard time making friends…  Worst case scenerio, they aren’t fun, we have nothing in common, I only have to see them occassionally & I enjoy the $.05 slots in Vegas.  Definately manageable.

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  1. BethAnn says:

    For the record, you’re lovely with your hair up, you have a lovely slim and trim body, you work because you need to AND because you LIKE to and you can kick their a** at anytime if need be. Besides, everyone is more likable when they’re just being themselves (except those people who are truly obnoxious, and then there’s no helping them).

    The sorority has nothing on you.

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