A mismatched matching half bedroom set

About a month ago, I bought this fabulous book shelf from craigslist (oh how I love you CL).  In fact, When I saw the picture on CL, I thought “this is in great shape”…it wasn’t, but it was $10 and i was going to paint it anyways, so who cares?   Right?  (it looks WAY worse in person)

I now consider myself a pro at stripping paint.  Don’t mess around with other brands, Jalisco IS.THE.BEST.

So, I’ve been spending whatever free time I’ve had the last month stripping paint.  It’s been a process.  When I started, in a few spots I ran into this stuff which I thought was rotting wood.  It worried me, but it was just in one spot, so I kept going.  Once I started doing the underside of the shelves, I ran into more of it.  Thankfully, it wasn’t rotting wood.  I don’t know exactly what the black, nasty, thick, sticky stuff was, but it was no match for Jalisco.

I was skeptical through the whole process how it would turn out, but now that its done, I’m pleased  Our spare bedroom now has a mismatched matching half bedroom set w/ the dresser I finished a few months ago.


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  1. BethAnn says:

    Bookshelf looks good! I’ll send you pictures of hte ones Dave made soon. WHen you have a spare moment, you can come help me re-do this dresser. 🙂

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