A new chapter

As few of you know,  I lost my job this week.  It was hard…I related it to breaking up with a guy after a 5 year relationship.  Even though it had recently gotten boring, it was still hard to say goodbye.  Fortunately, there are great things on the horizon.  This was something Matt & I had been discussing, but I wasn’t ready to leave my company.  Although, management was not what I wanted it to be, I loved my boss, I loved my work, & I loved the people I worked with.  However, I can find those love’s again…I’m sure.  I’m convinced this was God’s plan.  It was his little push for me to move on, because we all know, it was probably time for me to move on, I just couldn’t do it myself.  God also had great timing on this as Matt’s business is becoming successful (yay!).

I’m hoping I don’t die from boredom between sending out resumes.  I only have 3 “to-do’s”.  Fix bathtub drain (hello Plumber Catie), paint window around tub, & organize/clean out the file cabinet.  I’m hoping to get quite a bit of sewing done too.  I was just wondering when I’d finish the blanket I’m making for my cousin’s little girl.  Now I know when 🙂

In the mean time, I’m staying positive, because there are jobs out there, thankfully.  If not, you’ll find me working at The Gap…


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