A week long vacation..and then some

I’ve been in WI the past 9 days.  Its been busy!!!  I flew into Minneapolis last Friday.  Mom & Abby picked me up, what a surprise (Abby…not mom picking me up 🙂  Dad was sick, but still requested we stop in Baldwin to find some fireworks.  That’s hard business….I need a display of what they do, not a description “Flies in air, shoots yellow sparks”.  Needless to say, I don’t think Mom, Abby, or I picked out anything great.


Saturday was the big Hintzman Family Reunion.  The day started off w/ the 9 hole golf tournament in Colfax and ended with a picnic at the farm, complete with bounce house.  It was great to catch up with family, to bad I only see them once every 2 years (when I go back!).


Monday I drove to Waterloo, IA with mom.  We went to visit my Uncle Earl & Aunt Lucille.  We had a blast – even Doug, Jessica, Craig, & Will showed up to say hi!  Special ladies we are.  After spending 8 hours in the car with me in 1 day, I’m sure mom is sick of me babbling.  I think I did my job though – keep her awake while driving.  We’re glad to see you feeling better Uncle Earl!!


On Wednesday, my mom & I went to see “The Help”.  And Oh.My.Gosh.  It’s as good as the book.  I must see it again and read the again.  I think it would be a good movie if you haven’t read the book, but having read the book, I think made it that much better.


Thursday-Today (Sunday) were spent at the lake house.  Everyone came – Sarah, Chuck, Abby, Gabe, B, Dave, Ally, Mom & Dad.  It was awesome to relax & hang out.  We did some tubing, slip’n’sliding, lounging, fishing, smore eating, golfing, & poor firework watching.


All in all, it was a great 9 days.  I got to spend a lot of time with family, relax, & fit 3 rounds of golf in.


Now Matt & I sit in Milwaukee & wait for our plane home to Lucy B Williams.  She’s probably having so much fun at Mary’s that she’s forgotten about us.  She’ll be greatly disappointed when we go pick her up tomorrow.

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