So, I’ve been on the job for a week now.  I’m a little depressed & I’m adjusting. 

I no longer get to work half day friday’s, so that’s a bummer, on the contrary, I’m home by 4:30 everyday (used to be 6:00), which is awesome.  And I don’t know if I don’t like it because I’m not busy and feel like I could be using this “wasted” time at home, or if I don’t like it because its a job, or I don’t like it becuase I just don’t like it.  I think its the first one.  I like engineering and have found that days I am busy, it’s more enjoyable. 

Today, I got a ray of hope.  After speaking with another girl that works here (there are 4 of us total…its a sea of men…I guess I didn’t expect anything less), she said the job starts off slow, and before I know it, I’ll be swamped.  It was reassuring.  

I’m really focusing on ALL of the positives – not the negatives (annoying gum chewer on the other side of the cube, bad pens, quieter…) – Management is better, I have a lot more responsibility, there are no preconcieved notions of what my abilities are, the people are nice, they think I’m a rockstar engineer (I’m trying to hold up to that), they push me, I’m designing systems I didn’t before, and they are relaxed.

So, I’m not judging or jumping to conclusions.  1 week is not enough time to figure out if this is the right fit for me.  I’ll give it more time.


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  1. B says:

    Umm…..didn’t know about the gum chewer. My condolensces.

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