All we got was a T-Shirt and its awesome

Update on The Price Is Right – we went & it was AWESOME.  Matt even made it up onto Contestant Row – I think I might have been just as excited as if they called my name.  Unfortunately some grandma outbid him on an iPod surround sound stereo thing…so all he got was a T-shirt.  I haven’t taken the t-shirt off since, except to shower.  I wear it under my work clothes, to bed, etc.


Tomorrow marks only 3 WEEKS until Christmas.  Oh the joy!  I love Christmas.  Unfortunately, I think I’m a total Christmas fail this year….  My house is to small to put up my tree, which is a disappointment in itself (note to self…next house must have large jetted tub, king sized bed, living room big enough for tree & storage).  Fortunately, I haven’t let my small house deter me…I just decorate the outside instead.  I like to have my lights turned on Thanksgiving evening, but this year we were in Vegas.  I just kept telling myself “one week late won’t hurt, you can put them up next weekend”.  I looked at the weather today – its supposed to be cold & snowy this weekend.  Matt mentioned last night that we maybe wouldn’t be able to put lights up this weekend and I almost had a full on melt down.  I hope the weather man is a liar & its a bit nicer so I can hang my lights.  I knew I should have put my lights on the house in October when I started getting into the Christmas Spirit….


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