Apartment Life

We have been in our apartment for three weeks now & are officially settled in.   It was an easier transition than we anticipated, except for Lucy B.  She’s is quickly making it known that the city life is not for her.  She much prefers the quiet life of suburbia where she can lay in the backyard at her will.


The apartment has many plus’, like a second bathroom.  Who knew that would be such a luxury?  We also opted for the “updated” unit that includes a washer & dryer.  With the “updated” unit we have hardwood floors (fake) and granite counter tops.  The finishes are, honestly, nicer than our house.  Right outside are door is a park, which we have used every weekend so far.


I feel like Matt & I have come full circle to a point…or maybe we’re back in the middle of a figure eight (which means we might be in this place again…right?).  When we first started dating, we spent a lot of time eating take out pizza on the floor of his very bare apartment watching the summer 2008 Olympics.   Currently, we have been eating a lot of take out, at the table of our barely furnished apartment watching the winter Olympics….with a 2 year old running amok screaming “ICE HOCKEY!” and a dog pacing the apartment because she’s out of sorts.


Life is good.


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