Attitude Adjustment

Last spring was the first time Link really “experienced” snow (i.e. he was old enough to actually be around it, not just whisked to & from the car in his car seat).  He totally didn’t mind it.


This winter started off rough.  Every time it snowed, he sort of panicked.  He’d point to the white stuff & cry/whine “no……”  Heaven forbid he actually had to walk in it.  Panic….PURE PANIC.  He’d say, very quickly & even more whiney “no! no! no!” and stop – dead in his tracks & beg to be picked up.    He even did diva hands…


Aunt B was kind of enough to send him a pair of snow pants this winter.  I packed them for Christmas in WI, thinking he might change his mind.  Thursday all the kids went sledding, so I bundled him up.  His WI cousins were stoked – he was skeptical.


Being the thrill seeker he is, he LOVED sledding (although his face doesn’t necessarily show it).  The faster & further he went, the better.


Things were going swimmingly, until…the snow touched him.  Game over.


Because I like to torment my kid & because I was going a bit stir crazy (you know, trying to entertain a toddler for the 5th day in a row inside, while my husband is STILL sick in bed), I decided to take him out in the snow again the next day.  It surprisingly went much better.




Wednedsay PM/Thursday AM this week we got dumped with quite a bit of snow.  On the way to the car to daycare, Link squealed with glee “No Mama! NOOOO!!”.  Apparently he now loves it & “no” has meant “snow” this entire time.


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  1. BethAnn says:

    It’s not your fault you didn’t know his toddler dialect.

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