Baby or Oatmeal?

Yesterday morning Matt & I went to our favorite breakfast place…which my sister, BethAnn, also loves.  In the middle of breakfast –

M: Text B & tell her we’re thinking of her while having Hot Cakes

C: I can’t…that’s to mean – taunting the almost 8 month pregnant woman w/ her favorite breakfast place that she can’t have

M: no it’s not, she’ll think its nice we’re thinking of her

C: No she won’t, she’ll no longer want to give the baby, if a girl, my middle name. I guess it doesn’t matter, she’s having a boy anyways.

M: Text her anyways.

C: What do you think she’s having?

M: Oatmeal.

C: *almost spits out diet coke* I was talking about if she’s having a boy or girl

M: Oh…I thought you meant what was she having for breakfast.

There you have it folks.  Mid July I can be expecting a lovely bowl of oatmeal instead of a niece or nephew.


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