Barn Dance, Texas, & Baby Sherwin

Before you get all up in my business about not updating, I’ve been busy.  Shocker…


Last week we spent the majority of the week in WI.  It was my bestie, Susan’s, wedding.  It was really gorgeous!  She had it in a barn…so it was a bit chilly, but a PERFECT setting for her & her now husband.  I couldn’t imagine anything different.  Now,I can’t wait to see the pictures!


Also, we had Ally’s baptism on Sunday while in WI.  She did awesome, no hysterical screaming of the kind.  She’s a baby rockstar.

I got to catch up with my niece, Abby & Gabe while home too.  Boy, do I miss a lot not being home all the time.  Abby is doing awesome in Kindergarten, and she likes it, except “its a long day” (her quote..not mine).  She’s made lots of friends.  Gabe digs pre school, although he can’t tell us what he does while there.  Must be amazing though!


This week, I spent 2 days in San Antonio for work.  I was disappointed.  I thought San Antonio would be really pretty, but it was kind of more run down – lots of great old building pictures to be had.  We did the pontoon river walk tour.  That was nice.  I told Matt that’s what I envision Venice to be like.  Only with a gondola, and a man not wearing khaki cargo shorts, a polo, & straw hat.  But kind of the same thing.  Buildings butting up tot he river & pretty scenery.   He looked at me like I was crazy.  I guess he’ll have to take me there so I can accurately compare.


We had an ultrasound this morning to see Baby Sherwin.  He/She is in there and looking’ good.  I kept my eyes open for it’s “bits” but didn’t see them.  She also turned the screen away when she took a closer look at that area.  I made her turn the screen when she was going over the lower half so I wouldn’t accidentally see the bits and ruin it for Matt (he doesn’t want to find out).  I’m a fantastic wife, I know.



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  1. Kristi Hagen says:

    Congratulations Catie! I’m impressed you can handle waiting to find out. I couldn’t!

  2. Meghan Wiste says:

    Congrats Catie! You will be a faboluous mom!!!

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