Last weekend I rode “Tour The Moon” – a 64 mile bike ride through Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction.  Unfortunately, the route was re done last minute due to the government shut down & not having all access to the park.  The ride was still awesome.  Cold & a lot of up hill (4000 ft in elevation change), but still awesome.


Aside from a few moments going up a steep climb when I was in the lowest gear & frustrated that I couldn’t shift down any lower & to proud to get off & walk my bike like some others and my fingers going numb, I’d do it again.


1.5 miles before the end, it was all down hill & I was cruising along when my ride got a bit bumpy.  I thought “hmm, did the road change?  Nope, still nice smooth asphalt”.  Then I looked back at my back tire & it was flat.  Really universe?  1.5 miles from the end?  My riding partners thankfully realized I was missing once they got to the next intersection & came back to help me change my tire so I was able to finish.

Official now w/ bike rack.


Selfie in Monument


Views from the top




Phil, myself & Burke at the finish (for the record, I know how sexy I look in bike spandex, no need to fill the comment section up about it).Image



Matt & Link came along to support me – my biggest fans.  I asked Matt what he was going to do all day w/ Link (this ride took me 5 hours) and he proudly said Link & he were going to have their very first Father-Son Real Estate Scouting Expedition.  I couldn’t help but giggle while my heart warmed when I heard & saw the excitement from Matt.  Unfortunately, Link slept through their entire expedition.


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