I biked to work last week.  It was awesome, except for the part where I went 1 mile in the wrong direction (2 miles out of the way total) and fell off my bike.  My butt & quad may never recover.

The most interesting part was riding the light rail home.  Bikes are allowed on, but only in designated areas & only 2 per area.  The area I picked was occupied by a hipster & his fixy bike.  I felt like he was judging me & my road bike.  About 3 stops into my ride home, another hipster got on, which made for a very cramped 2 person (which now has 3) bike area.  You’re kind of stuck at the beginning of the train, standing up, trying not to fall over, all while keeping your bike in place & out of people’s way.  OI!  I did enjoy listening to the hipster’s conversation.  They talked about snowboarding & catching some major air, bike wheels & gears, and craft beer.

I hope to find time to do this more often, because despite my novice fall (I forgot to unclip my foot from the pedal), I had fun…and my butt didn’t hurt nearly as bad the next day as I thought!


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