Black Friday seriously has me worked.  Being in Vegas, I won’t be able to partake, which makes me feel like I’m missing out, and kind of overwhelms me.  But the most ridiculous part about this is I DON’T NEED ANYTHING that’s on sale for Black Friday.  I just hate missing out on a good deal…I love a good deal…and there seems to be PLENTY on Black Friday.


As we arrived at our hotel, we passed the Fashion Place Mall, and I thought “i wonder what Friday will be like there…I should go”.  But seriously…that would be pointless.  last year we bought toilet paper on Black Friday – let’s not forget!


Also,  Vegas works me too.  We come here with a plan and some things to do, and it all sounds awesome.  Then we get here and there are flashing bright lights that say “Catie, come visit me here”.  When every building (including De Ja Vu Love outside our window) is screaming that at you, it seems like I’ll never see all there is to see here.  *sighs*.  I don’t even want to go to DeJa Vu Love, but the bright lights seems so inviting.  I’m going to stick w/ our plan of the hoover dam, football, & price is right.


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