Black Friday part 2

We survived Black Friday.

Part of it was a scam!  I saw this ad in my email.

According to their website, the Colorado Mills outlet store was participating in the midnight sale.

Matt & I got to the mall at 11:45pm and waited outside for it to open at midnight.  Only to have a Security Gaurd inform us at 12:10am that the mall wouldn’t open until 4:00 am.  Seriously…Banana Republic, you lied, we could have gotten a full 5 hours of sleep instead of 3.  We drove back home & went to bed until 3:30am and got up to head to Target.

We didn’t need any door busters at Target so we just waited for the .5 mile long line to shuffle in.  When they opened the doors, it was just like on TV.  People running, elbowing, trampling people.  Right before the doors opened, a punk kid tried to cut in line, and I thought this mom was going to punch him.  It was comical.  All in all, we got what we wanted and NEEDED.

After that, we went back to Banana Republic Factory store, which was then open, & took advantage of the 50% off sale.  We got 2 gifts, a sweatshirt for me, and a polo for Matt, all for $60.  Yay!

Our last stop!  Bed Bath & Beyond.  It was pretty boring there, but again, we were able to get the golf bag storage thing we needed.

Matt suggested that we go next door to Ultimate Electronics because we had some spare time before our favorite breakfast place opened a 6:00 am.  We found BethAnn & Dave a wireless printer for a killer price.  I hope she didn’t mind me calling her at 6:15am WI time asking if they wanted it 🙂


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  1. B says:

    Sure didn’t. 🙂 Did I mention it saved me a crap ton of work and effort? Plus….you did all the hard work…..I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Done and done.

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