Blame it on the dog…or the rain

If we can blame farts on the dog, we can blame hurting The Boy on the dog – right?


Lucy tried escaping to the front yard yesterday to greet another dog.  I tried running after her, while holding The Boy – The Boy is into reaching for things, he thought the bean bag boards were intriguing & as I ran power walked past them, he reached & leaned forward, and scraped his head.   I only cried a little.

After Link & I regained our composure, we took Lucy for a walk.  Mid walk it started to sprinkle, which turned into a steady rain, which turned into a downpour.  I was wearing a white tank top – I bet the old men in the neighborhood loved that.  *sighs*.  Talk about a train wreck.

*Please don’t call CPS, that is not a face of pain or discouragement, it’s a face of “hey ma! Look at my new trick! I can make motor noises with my lips…ALL.THE.TIME..isn’t it neat?”*


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