Burrito Stress

I can’t be the only one in this world that has burrito anxiety.

There are 3 main burrito places in Denver (probably more) – Chipotle, Q-Doba, & Illegal Pete’s.  And also in that order is the extent of their menu’s – Chipotle basic & Illegal Pete’s is extensive (and contains booze, I sometimes think I need booze to get through it).


You are still standing at the tortilla warmer, your burrito is all the way down by the salsa’s, and they are hollering at you about what salsa you want, but you don’t know that because you can’t hear them because you’re about 10′ away and it’s lunch rush hour, so it’s busy, not to mention you aren’t familiar w/ the menu, so you don’t know what kind of salsa’s they have, or which ones are hot, but you can’t just go & look, because you’re still 10 people deep in line, so you just have to randomly guess, because you don’t want to hold up the line, and chances are, you’ll guess something the picky eater you are will hate and then you’re burrito is ruined.  Seriously – anxiety.


I have Chipotle mastered and have no fears about it.  I used to feel this way about Q-doba, but I’ve been there enough times, that I MOSTLY can shout what I want (although sometimes I still screw it up).


Today, they asked if I wanted Q-doba for lunch, and without hesitation & much pre-lunch anxiety, I agreed.  THEN!!  They told me there was a change of plans & we’re going to Illegal Pete’s.  Lunch is 45 min. away, I’ve looked over their menu, and it’s large, and not very specific, can I get a burrito bowl?   or do I have to get it w/ the tortilla?  I.DON’T.KNOW.  Panic has set in.  Lord help me.


Maybe I should stay back & eat my Lean Cuisine…it sounds safer.


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