This post should probably be saved for Mother’s Day…but my friend Tonee recently reminded me of it, and its just to funny not to share (sorry B…).


I think BethAnn & I were about 8 & 9.  It was Mother’s Day.  Being the thoughtful daughter she was, she wanted to bake mom a cake.  What doesn’t say Happy Mother’s Day, YOU’RE THE BEST, like a cake?  Nothing…honestly…nothing.  Since I was selfish not thoughtful, I thought it was brilliant & I’d help.  It can totally be from both of us….right?


Sarah, with much pleading, was a really kind older sister, with an awesome car and drove us to Randall Foods for some mix.  After much deliberation (no joke….decision making is not one of B’s finer attributes), she decided on fun-fetti.  Mother’s Day was getting better…not only did she get a cake, but FUN-FETTI cake.  Lucky gal.

After the grocery store, Sarah drove over to London Mall & got out to look at plants.  I’m not sure why, maybe she was getting mom a plant?  I remember Sarah saying, as she locked us in the car “B, don’t touch your cake mix until we get home…you can’t even take it out of the box”.  And this is where B had a lapse in judgement (which was rare…).  She took the cake mix out of the box.  OH.MY.GAWSH.  She’s breaking the rules!


C: B..put that away, sarah said not to fiddle with it (I was never one for following the rules…what made me think we should now?).

B: C, its ok, I won’t break the bag or anything.

*B takes the bag of mix out of its little box, and then starts hitting me w/ it.*

C: B…stop!  You’re going to make a mess

B: No I’m not…BAM! *cake mix explodes all over back of car*

I think we stared at each other for a good 10 seconds in total disbelief & “oh..crap…what are we going to do now?…we’re in SO much trouble…and sarah will probably never take us anywhere again…oh…crap”  I think we tried to scoop it back up & put it back in the bag.


The ride home was long and quiet, minus B’s tears.  Not only was she in BIG trouble w/ Sarah, but her mother’s day surprise (did I mention it was a suprise?) of fun-fetti cake was ruined.  Absolutely.ruined.  And absolutely everywhere in the backseat of Sarah’s really nice car.


We did attempt to clean it up, but I remember her using a wet rag…before we vacuumed.  AHH!  An even bigger mess.  I offered to ride my bike to the Mega Mart to get her a new box, but I think the fiasco tainted her excitement about Mom’s cake.

I have no idea what we did instead.  Maybe this was a year where “it’s the thought that counts” was just going to have to do?


Mom…I think we owe you one.



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