California & Vegas

Sorry for not posting lately – I’ve been busy.

Matt made it home safe & sound from China with a lot of amazing experiences & stories.  Lucky boy got to hold a baby lion.  Ohh…it was SO cute.  I told him he should have brought it home – it might be the only form of kitty he’s not allergic too.  Lucy would love a four-legged friend.

Matt got home Monday afternoon, and Thursday night we were both on a plane to Monterey for his sister, Randi’s, college graduation.  YAY Randi!  Congrats!!!  Now that she’s done w/ her Bachelor’s she’s on to bigger & better things – law school.  We were only in CA for a short time, but we made the best of it by getting in a lot of Williams’ family time.  Friday, Randi & her husband, Rob took us golfing at Tahama Golf Course in Carmel.  Its owned by Clint Eastwood.  The course was BEA.U.TI.FUL.  And although very hilly, it was a great time.  Not to mention we had AMAZING weather.  Afterwards, we got treated to a lovely lunch in the clubhouse.  We finished Friday off w/ dinner & dessert at Randi & Rob’s.  I joined a friendly, but competitive game of Phase 10 with Randi, April, & Aunt Charlotte.  Matt was introduced to Angry Birds on his mom’s iPad.  The man is addicted.  ADDICTED!  Saturday was more family time with Randi’s graduation in the AM, swimming at our hotel with the kids in the afternoon, & dinner in the evening.  We were fortunate enough to have Matt’s friend, Kristine travel from San Jose to meet us for dinner.  We got to meet her new baby, Seth (he’s SUPER adorable) and her boyfriend, Erich.

Sunday morning we were off early for the airport to Vegas.  Vegas was fun.  I definitely know why its nicknamed Sin City.  Although I didn’t partake in anything insane, except 30 min. of gambling, I was a glutinous fool.  The food…oh the food!  Everything I ate was spectacular.  I had 2 goals for Vegas – win big & come back not pastey white.  I accomplished 1 of the 2…I have some color.  We were in Vegas until Tuesday morning.  We really only sat by the pool, dined, had a few cocktail parties to go to (Matt was there on business for a big conference) and did some shopping.  It was pretty busy and I didn’t have much opportunity to really explore.  I’ll need to go back.  I will admit, the city is overwhelming.  As we drove the strip, I was SO attracted to all the lights, and kept thinking “oh, we need to go there..and there…and there too”.  It all looks so fun *sighs*  I think I’m the reason they have all those flashy lights, they get me.    Here is a picture of Matt & I on Sunday night before dinner, its of cell phone quality


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