Can you draw me a picture?

Some day’s, I can’t keep up with Matthew’s never stopping giant brain & deep thinking.


This morning, we were discussing how I’m feeling the pressure at work because I have several projects that are all due a week before or ON my due date.  I mentioned if I knew exactly when it was coming, it’d be easier.  Then I’d know whether I have to have everything done a few weeks early, or if I’ll be working past my due date & I won’t need to rush through everything.  You know, logistics.  Then he says this…


M: have you ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat?

C: a what?

M:  it is a thought experiment

M:  which says if you place a cat in a bunker with gun powder (the real theory uses something else, but he chose gun powder) that has a 50% chance of exploding (killing the cat) that cat is either dead or alive and the act of us looking causes it to be either dead or alive

C:  uhh….
i don’t get it
i get the part about it being dead or alive due to the gun powderi don’t get us looking at it
can you please draw it out
i’m better that way

M: i will call you, it has to do with the baby

C: are we blowing up the baby?


Matt calls me…


M: It has to do with quantum physics.

C: I barely passed physics 201- ions in space are complicated

M: *chuckles* See, the gun powder has a 50% chance of exploding & killing the cat.

C: that part makes total sense, I just don’t understand about how A) us looking at it has anything to do with it blowing up and B) how this has to do with our baby

M: Well, unless you look at it, you don’t know if the cat is dead or alive.  Just like the baby, its a theory.  We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl until we look at it.

C: Oh…I see where you’re going with this. I just didn’t know we were doing critical thinking.

M: I just thought you would want to know what the baby is

C: I do.  But now I know it’s currently a theory, or a cat…in a box…depending on how you look at it.

M: Same difference.

This clears everything up for me.  instead of driving myself crazy the next 8 weeks about whether its a boy or girl – I’ll know what it is – a theory that it is both a boy and a girl.  A theory that won’t be proved wrong until mid March when we can look at it…or I break down & ask the Dr. first.

I also take this away from it – Matt MIGHT be watching too much Big Bang Theory w/ all this talk about quantum physics.

I’m sure glad I have him in my life to stimulate my brain cells.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Oh Matt’s brain is WAY TO BIG for me too 🙂 hilarious 🙂 Plus, we dont need to know about schrodinger’s cat because we are dog people!

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