Carbon Monoxide

This was our house last Wednesday (or technically Thursday) at 2:30am…


At 1:30, our smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detectors started going off.  Matt & I went through & reset them.  Only to have them go off again.  Because they are hard wired, removing the batteries was pointless.  In the course of an hour, it kept happening.  First it would say “fire!  fire!” and then it would say something along the lines “carbon monoxide detected”.  An hour later, after continuing to silence the alarms and in between both Matt & I googling our fire/CO alarms to troubleshoot…we thought “what if it really is carbon monoxide?”.   We then decided to call the non emergency line, which instructed us to call 911.  Totally lame.  “hi…I think it’s a false alarm, but our CO detectors keep going off.  Can you send somebody to please come check it out?”.    Yeah…  We needed to evacuate the house – awesome.


Turns out, we had a faulty detector that was triggering the other detectors.  It’s in the trash can & we’ve had no drama since.  I should probably replace it :/


This is Link’s recap (it was so random, he just started spouting it off)

Daddy wake me up.  I went outside &  I were crying.  The fire trucks come & saved our house!  The fire truck not scary & the dark not scary.

Right after this, I was bringing him back upstairs to go back to bed.  Matt said “Good night buddy, I love you!”

Link turned around & with pure conviction said “dada!  Don’t wake me up again!”.
Amen brotha!


Also…sorry to our neighbors who had the fire trucks lights shining in their bedroom windows.  Have they no courtesy?


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