Clear Elevators vs. Water Slides

I’m going to toot my horn, Matt & I have the happiest/smiliest kid ever.  He’s so easy to make smile & giggle, it’s amazing.


Matt (after dropping L off at daycare):  He was so happy to see Jessica & Amy when I dropped him off this morning.  Just smiling & giggling for those two.  I’d be a pretty happy man if I could keep him this happy through his childhood.
C: We can, it will start with vacationing at The Embassy Suites


M: No…we’re never vacationing at The Embassy Suites.


C: *gasp* but it’s so amazing & fun!


M: Catie…we’re going to go to The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess


C: I bet they don’t have popcorn & free happy hour for adults!

M: Does The Embassy Suites have water slides?

C: No..but some have clear elevators which are awesome to ride up & down.


As much as The Scottsdale Princess looks amazingly fun, The Embassy Suites I hold near & dear to my heart.   There are a lot of things in life that Matt poo-poo’s and then once I go ahead & do them, he says “you know, I had my doubts, but you’re right, this was a good idea”.  I’m 100% sure this is one of them – Embassy Suites here we come (someday).


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