Come On Down!!!

Matt & I have decided to take a mini vacation to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving.  We have never gone anywhere just the two of us, its always going to visit family or for a conference.  This should be fun.  He’s been to Vegas many times, so asked me to figure out things I want to do, since I’ve only been once (for a conference, for him).


Last night I was researching shows.  I’m not much into musicals or the such, but I wanted to see what was out there.  I came across this – The Price Is Right – Vegas Style.  I basically ran frantically through the house ecstatic that we could get as close as possible to making a child hood dream of mine (and I’m pretty sure BethAnn’s) come true.  THE.PRICE.IS.RIGHT – OH.MY.LANTA.  B & I spent countless school days off watching the Price Is Right.  It’s basically the awesomest game show to ever grace this planet.  Bedroom sets, cars, cash, & the big wheel.  *squeels*.

-Our conversation last night, with mass excitement in my voice, and Matt, as usual, “just humoring me”-

C: Matt…I lied about not wanting to see a show.  I found one WE MUST GO TO, you probably aren’t excited like I am, and it sounds kind of cheesey.

M: Babes, I thought you said you didn’t want to see one

C: I lied.  I didn’t know that they had a mock Price Is Right.  You could help me almost fulfill a life long dream of being on The Price Is Right.

M: *rolls eyes* Seriously love?

C: seriously.  My favorite show ever.  Remember how I tell you I had an awesome childhood & tell you about the things that made it awesome?  Like going to Embassy Suites for “vacation” in Minneapolis near the Mall Of America with the Kleist’s?  And how excited, to this day, I am to tell you about it, because our parents made it THAT awesome?

M: Yes…

C: I have that same excitement for The Price Is Right.  It was a staple to my childhood, like Embassy Suites & Yahtzee w/Susie.  B & I religiously watched this game show everyday during summer vacation, Christmas vacation, & sick days.  It was always so funny to watch the people spin the wheel so hard they fell over.  B & I always said we’d be on the show someday.

M: I have a better idea, why don’t we go to Los Angeles & see the real show?

C: *sighs*  Because Bob Barker is no longer on the show.

M: I know, its Drew Carey.

C: Yeah…he smudged up the show.  He doesn’t have Bob’s excitement about it and when Bob hit on his beauties, it wasn’t creepy.


I’ll let you know in a few weeks if I’ve gotten as close to checking “get on the price is right w/ Bob Barker” off my lifelong to-do list.  I hope there are pictures.  I’ll probably be the only person there to be just as excited as if I were on the real show.


Our other option could be to see Viva Elvis by Cirque Du Soleil – which still might be awesome.



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  1. BethAnn says:

    GO WARREN!!!

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