Dude…parenting is competitive.  It feels almost impossible not to get caught up in it.  I try everyday, but when you think you’re kid is awesome, it’s hard to accept when they aren’t the first to do stuff.
I always told myself I would only worry if my kids were behind, but in the back of my head, I knew we’d only breed excellence, so I figured my kids would be the first at everything.  I also always told myself that I wouldn’t be that mom that was all “yeah, well, my kid was walking at 3 months!”  Thankfully I’m not that mom because, well, Link has only started to figure out how to sit up.  Although he’s getting better & stronger, he’s not fully there yet, his heavy melon often times makes him fall over, especially when he turns it quickly following his BFF (lucy dog) through the house.  Balance son…it’s all about balance.


Yesterday when I went to pick him up at daycare, the ladies were talking about how K started crawling over the  weekend.  I was shocked, she’s 4 weeks younger than Link, how could she possibly be crawling by now?   My initial reaction was competitive anger and a thought of “Link isn’t even nearly ready to crawl…what is wrong?”  and then I thought “yeah, well, K may be able to crawl, but Link can sit up my better than she can”.  And thenI thought “SNAP OUT OF IT CATIE!!  you don’t want Link to crawl, he’s a curious boy & crawling is only going to make your already busy life busier.  Plus, he has a hearty 16lbs to get up on all 4’s – she’s a tiny petite thing and only has probably 12 lbs to carry around.”


I try so hard not to compare him to other kids.  I mean, let’s be honest, when he grows hair, gets teeth (which I’m convinced he never will – he is taking after his Grandpa Leo), when he starts to crawl or walk has no real meaning to his life.  It doesn’t make him a genius or anymore athletic than the other kids..  All I know is, whenever he hits those milestones is fine, because he’ll always remain awesome (I hope).


*Link, baby boy, mama isn’t ready for you to crawl OR walk.  Stop watching the crawlers intently at school – please focus on figuring out puzzles instead.*


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  1. Andrea says:

    I hear you! Parenting is crazy…or more like parents are crazy! I’m pretty confident they’ll all (well…most of them) end up being contributing members of society, regardless of when they crawl/walk/sit up/etc. It’s sometimes hard not to get caught up in it though.

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