Link:  We don’t laugh at our friends

Me:  If they are being funny, we can laugh at our friends.

Link:  But not if they bonk their head.  That’s not nice.  We give them a hug instead.

I wanted to tell him it’s ok to laugh even if they bonk their heads, because honestly, sometimes it’s funny.  However, I went with his idea of hugs instead.


30 seconds later while I’m buckling him into his carseat…

Link:  Mom, I won’t whine or cry today.

Me:  Sounds like a great plan dude.

Link: (makes this noise)…eh…eh…eh..

Me: *looking at him weird* Was that you whining?

Link:  Yes, I not say that word today.

Me:  I like it.

I then run into the house…30 seconds later I come out w/ Duke to Link whaling with giant crocodile tears.

Me:  What’s the matter bud?  Why are you crying?

Link:  I want my daddy!!!!!!!!!

So much for not crying today.


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