Dear Family….

Dear Family:

BethAnn let me in on the Christmas Day Plan this year.  Boohoo on her & Dave having to work all day & gift opening happening after dinner.  Does the Universe not know what Christmas is like for me?  And how TORCHEROUS it is to just look at the presents under the tree?  In fact, I’m sure mom won’t even put them under the tree until right before its time to open them.  Mostly because she knows it will drive me nuts not knowing what’s under that lovely wrapping paper, so i’ll shake everything, and figure it out.  I can’t help it.  I can’t take suprises.  I want to know so badly, but I don’t.  Its the worst position to be in…ever.  Its like having an itch on your back that you can’t reach.  It will drive a girl insane.  I can’t deal with it.


The only way I can forsee avoiding the itch is to lock myself in the TV room all day.  So on Christmas day, if you need me, you can find me in front of the TV until gift opening time.


OR!  Abby & Gabe can come over early, and we can open our gifts together.  Then we’ll play with them while everyone else opens theirs later in the day.  It saves space in the living room.  Win-Win!



You’re Most Excited Christmas AM Family Member.


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