Domesticated Cool

I talked to a good friend from college today, Ben.  It made me think back to my wild & crazy college days along with my wild & crazy before 25 days – well, as wild & crazy as an engineering student at a small almost all engineering school can be.  I was telling him about how I sometimes envy my friends that can not only A) stay up past 10:00 PM but B) Can GO OUT after 10:00 PM, have a great night (late), and still function the next day.  This is some of what I told him (never mind my bad punctuation & rambling):

…  It made me think of my college days, and kind of made me miss them a bit – not the educational part – of course.  I miss the fun – i don’t miss the hangovers.  Are you an old man too?  What happened???????  Remember how much fun we were?  Were we fun?  Or did I just think we were fun?  *sighs*  I hate being old and having responsibilities.  I told my mom about that last night and she said “i seem to remember someone having a lot of fun” and I said “i know…i’m old and have a J.O.B. now” and she said “it didn’t stop you before”.  So what changed? 

I was telling my BFF, Tonee about it today too.  And I said – I think it started when I started to lose weight.  I realized how many hours on the treadmill it would require me to burn off those 10 Coors Lights I drank the night before – and I just don’t have the time/energy/will to do that.   Heck – Beer & Pizza is a huge factor in why I needed to lose weight.  Who knew?

Then Tonee said “If I weren’t married and didn’t have kids, I’m pretty sure I’d be fairly untamed by now”

Me: are we still cool?  Did we lose our cool along the way?

Tonee: maybe a different kind of cool

Me: domesticated cool?  Like – hey, watch me sew this awesome shirt WITHOUT a pattern – bet you can’t do that late night partier!  Take That!

I guess with age comes different priorites and different interests.  Good/Bad/Indifferent.  It also makes you appreciate the few & far between nights of acting like a crazy youngster a little bit more.

I’ll take Domesticated Cool.


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