I have a 45-60 min commute home every evening.  Usually, I call my mom or my friends to catch up, and it’s great.  Sometimes, no one is available, so it’s just me, the many other commuters, and my thoughts.


Let me do some simple math for you!  Catie + alone w/ thoughts = not good.  Did you follow that?


*Matt, at this point, it’s wise if you stop reading – you might consider The Big D if you keep reading*


See, I have a SUV, and I LOVE my SUV.   It’s comfy, stylish & big enough.  However, I have mini van envy…  Seriously – I see these mom’s in mini vans on my way home, and the van’s look roomier, comfier, and easier to get the car seat in & out of.  Not to mention, it might have better gas mileage (but probably by only 2 mpg, not enough to make an impact, I’ll need a Ford Fiesta for that).  I know, what you’re all saying…”Catie – mini van’s are NOT the cool thing & you’re a cool kid.”  But guess what my friends?  You’re right, I’m a cool kid, but one who doesn’t care – mini van’s are where it’s at.  Plus, I think I’d look awesome in a mini van.


2 Responses to “Envy”

  1. Melissa says:

    I never thought I would consider a mini van either. Then we had to rent one for a weekend trip with visiting family. At the end of the trip I was scheming all kinds of reasons why we had to go buy the van. There are buttons to open the doors and trunk! Vents for every seat that can be individually controlled! Tons of room for all the kiddo stuff! Seats that can be folded down in less than a minute by simply pulling a lever so I have room for all the long stuff I buy at Home Depot! Seriously, I never thought becoming a mom would necessitate so many more trips to HD.

    • brazzale says:

      Yes!! Melissa…you are SO right. See, this is why we NEED a minivan. It’s like it’s a hidden/quiet cult. They really know what’s cool, but pretend they are lame so they can keep their little secret.

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