Facial wounds bleed they say…

…and that’s no lie.


Wednesday PM Link came downstairs after I put him to bed – you know, the typical stalling technique…”mama!  I heard a noisey noise!”…”mama, i need to ask you questions”…”mama, I forgot Lightning McQueen”…”mama, rub my feet please!”.


I, admittedly, was super annoyed.  Duke never cries, but Wednesday night, he was screaming, unless I carried him a certain way, patted his butt, & walked him around.  I didn’t have the patience for Link’s game.  I told him to go back to bed.  He asked me to rub his feet, I said no.


I watched him walk up the stairs and take a left into his room.  I got to the kitchen (about 10 steps) and I hear him crying.  I tried to ignore it, because this is part of the game.  Cry until mom gives in & comes & rubs his feet, ONE.LAST.TIME.


As I paced the living room trying to console Duke, his cries turned into screams.  OK KID! (stop judging, I’m weak & worked, I’m admitting this…first step right?).


I walked into his room to this (forgive his booger)…






Mind you, now I have a screaming baby & a screaming toddler…and matt isn’t home.

I got Link into the tub to wash him off & look at his mouth…and also called my neighbor, because, it takes a village, obviously.  She’s amazing.

After I was able to get a quick glimpse of his lip, I decided to take Link to urgent care, it was a pretty wide gap in his lip.

We waited in the Children’s Hospital waiting room…for an hour.


And then we waited in our room for an hour.


And then the MD came in and took a look.  She explained that his lip looked pretty yucky, but good news!  Mouth wounds heal amazingly, and because it didn’t go through his cheek, no stitches were necessary.  He also managed to give himself a “large laceration” on his gum – how???  Matt & I are still wondering.

ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME??????  I WAITED 2 HOURS FOR YOU TO LOOK 20 SECONDS & TELL ME YOU’RE DANDY! GO HOME!” Even your fancy Children’s Hospital App told me I needed to head in (along w/ your discharge papers).  Lets just say, I no longer felt guilty about making 3 glove balloons and didn’t feel bad when Link asked for two band aids.   It’s the least they could do.

This is his mouth Thursday night – it still looks so gross (forgive the chocolate ice cream on his face).


We had a reinjury to it on Friday night, but thankfully we got it to stop bleeding pretty quick & ice cream stopped the tears.


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