Matt & I were discussing the Denver County Fair on our drive to Oshkosh Thursday PM.  I really wanted to go, Matt thinks it’s probably lame.


C: Don’t you like going out & doing fun things like the fair?
M: but it’s not really a fair

C: it’s not in the traditional sense w/ rides, but it has fair food & fun things like a knitting contest, urban chicken judging, & pie eating contest

M: It seems lame

C: I know it’s not a “real” fair, but it’s the Denver County Fair, kind of a parody of a fair, since Denver County is urban, not rural.

M: It doesn’t even have rides

C: I don’t even like the rides, they make me puke

M: I like waiting in line for them & wondering if I’m going to die today.  Those rides are not safe & totally run by people who are high, drunk, & have no teeth.

C: you mean carnies?
M: yes.


Maybe we can go next year, but it might be hard to convince Matt since he won’t be able to gamble with his life.


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