First Week of Preschool

now that we are halfway into the second week of preschool….


Last Monday one Links way to school w/ Matt, Matt asked him how his first week went.


M: Link, do you like preschool?

L: yes!  They have computers

M: Do you like Ms. McConnell?

L: No…she’s mean

M: what do you mean?

L: She doesn’t listen to my words.

M: Do you listen to her words, like you’re supposed to?

L: with ‘the look’ & a sigh “yes dad, ALL.DAY.LONG.”
The goods news is I asked him this Monday if he likes his teacher yet, and he has consistently responded with yes 🙂


If you ask me if I like it…I’m not sure.  I just thought it’d still be a lot of play yet, more of like a structured/educational daycare facility (since that’s where he’s at).  But it’s way more structured & way more hardcore/school setting.  -I- wasn’t ready for that!






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