Fruit Salad

Now that the Holiday’s are fastly approaching *squeals of joy* I need to make my Grandma Elizabeth’s apple pie (its amazing, I want to make it all year, but for my waistline’s sake, I save it only for the holiday’s).    I used to hate pie, until she turned me onto the ways of apple pie.  For that Grandma, my taste buds thank you.


After she passed away, my mom gave me stacks of her old recipes.  Some she wrote herself (anyone good at deciphering her writing?), some she clipped from newspapers & magazines, & some she stole from her friends & family.  I thought for sure I had her pie recipe written down in my trusty family recipe book, but I couldn’t find it.   And even though I have been through the big stack of recipes a million times, and have written down all the important ones, I still went through them to see if I could find her pie recipe.  I couldn’t.  I guess I just call Sarah for it every year.  Not to worry Sarah…I actually wrote it down this year.


Anyways, I must have missed a folder of recipes in the past.  Its a gem…a real gem.  For one reason, Grandma wrote a bunch of stuff down on scrap paper, which happens to be old papers my mom must have written for high school or college.  Her typing skills weren’t the greatest (you’ve come a long way mom!), so she must have scrapped them.  FYI…my mom ROCKED at reports in her day.   Second reason – it’s the mother load jackpot for pickle recipes & jell-o w/ fruit salads.


I don’t know about anyone else, but jell-o w/ fruit salads were a staple at The Hintzman’s.  Grandma ALWAYS had one out for us to eat w/ our Saturday lunch when we’d come visit.  I think its something w/ their generation…  I loved the ones w/ marshmallows…a sweet surprise when you took a bite.


I have been excited about all the jello salad recipes I found in the folder.  I’m pretty much DYING for a reason to make some.  Anyone want to come over?


At work today, they were discussing doing a pot-luck for an office Christmas party.  I, again, squealed in joy.  Not only do I LOVE pot-luck’s, but it’s a totally legitimate reason for me to make some jello w/ fruit salads…  When I told the ladies that, they only seemed half excited…


Grandma, I hope your jell-o w/ fruit salads are just as awesome as I remember them, otherwise, I’ll be the laughing stock of the office…Don’t let me down.  But seriously, who doesn’t love a little fruit in their jell-o?


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  1. Holly says:

    Let me once again tell you how adorable you are. Thank you for always making me laugh! 🙂 How thankful I am to be related to wonderful you!! So wish I was there to eat your jello/fruit salad. I know it will be delish!! And if you would be willing, I would love to have a copy of Grandma Hintzman’s famous apple pie recipe. Old family recipes are such a treasure!

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