Good News & Drama Dog

I got a job…yay!  As of Jan. 4, 2011, I will no longer be “unemployed” and back to a working woman.  As much as I love staying home, I also miss working, so this will be good.  It’s with a company called M.E. Group (not to be confused with M-E Engineers where I worked before).  Its downtown too, so a SUPER easy commute for me.

Now onto Lucy.  I just came home for a few min. to eat lunch before going back to cookie frosting.  I let Lucy outside to play, and then I went to check on her….and this is how I found her.

UGH.  Its so hard being Lucy Brazzale Williams.  Running around in the backyard with a ball in her mouth (notice the tennis ball by her tush), laying in the sun.

I should have known, she loves sun bathing.   She usually has a “spot”, notice the dirt area w/ no grass.  Its so much her spot, grass no longer grows there. Apparently it was “to shady” today.

Lucy & I would like to inform all of our Family & Friends back home that it is another lovely, sunny, & warm day here in Denver.


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  1. Tonee says:

    i love that dog.

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