It’s been almost two months and time again, but Link finally got a haircut.  I thought the day would never come.  Matt has been dying to take him and doing a “hair grow” dance daily.


I thought I was going to miss all his baby curls, and I kind of do, however he’s so handsome, I don’t care.





Matt said it was a horrific experience and he tipped the lady very well for her patience & skill (because it apparently wasn’t easy).  He said “she didn’t do a terrible job considering”…I packed lots of suckers for him, they usually keep him calm and allow us to do thing like, trim his nails.  Apparently the cape was an adult size and covered up his hands, which he couldn’t get out, so he panicked & never recovered.  They opted to cut his hair without the cape and got hair all over (including his sucker).  Glad I missed it 🙂


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  1. Kristi Hagen says:

    Haha. This totally reminds me of Tyler. He was basically hanging upside down off the chair flailing for his first one. And she actually cut his finger with the scissors!

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