Half Marathon Relay

I love running (nuts, huh?).  However, since I’ve had Link, I’ve been less then motivated to run more than 3-4 miles.  My friends at the gym run the Platte River Half Marathon every year and really wanted me to join this year – after all, it is the best post race party of the year.  I mulled it over, and thought, sure, I can do it.  After a few weeks of training, I realized, I wasn’t motivated.  That was the difference between training for this half marathon and ones I’ve done in the past, I was motivated to train for the others.  Needless to say, I said pooey on it.  However, my friend Kelly suggested we do the relay – sure, I can run 4-4.5 miles.


I didn’t really train much, mostly because it crept up on me and because I was sick.  Last weekend, I took Lucy on our daily weekend run and decided we should go at least 3.5 miles, that way if I have to run 4.5 I should still be able to make it.  Poor Lucy B, the sun & her short snout got the best of her.  After 1.5 miles she laid in the shade – this is NOT typical.  Typically, she rolls in the grass for a few seconds & we carry on (but that happens about 700 times).  I let her rest & gave her water – she got up & we walked, VVVEEERRRYYY SLOWLY, with lots of stops for rolling.  I honestly contemplated calling Matt to come pick her up, but thought I’d give her a few more min. to recover.  She finally did, and we ran the last 1.25 miles.  When we got home, we had gone a total of 3.6 miles.  I told Matt I felt amazing and I could totally run more – he then reminded me that I stood in place for 5 min. of that run & walked another half mile.  Good Point Matthew!

Here is Lucy after our run – she didn’t move for an hour & withstood pestering from her brother the entire time.

Tired Lucy


Yesterday was the big day – turns out the first 2 legs were 5 miles & the last leg was 3.1 miles.  I ran the 2nd leg, and killed it!  I ran the full 5 miles with NO walking in 48:49.  I know, not medal worthy, but super awesome for me.  Less than a 10 min. mile & I didn’t have to walk.  I haven’t run 5 miles since the first few months of being pregnant w/ Link.


I felt like I could have run more if I wanted, but I was sure glad to be done!

half marathon relay


My running crew – Kelly & Philip are into cycling (Philip is new to it like me), they think I should do a race with them in June.  It’s 100 miles.  My butt hurts just thinking about it.


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