We had a busy weekend, but not a terribly exciting one.  Friday, I took my PE Exam.  Its done…that’s all I can say.  Now I just need to wait 6 weeks to see if I passed or failed.

We did not participate in Halloween this year.  I thought for SURE we’d get egged or TP’d.  Thankfully we didn’t!  We had a few parties to go to and I had a hockey game later in the evening so I we weren’t around to hand out candy (boo!).  That’s also the reason I didn’t get Lucy an ADORABLE Halloween Costume.  I used to mock the people who dressed up their dogs, but then I dressed Lucy up as a lion last year.  I’m happily a crazy dog owner.  Don’t judge.

Seriously, does it get any cuter?  And it made Matt, my Mom, & I laugh.  How can you go wrong with that?  Next year folks…next year.
Super funny story.  Saturday, Matt & I were grocery shopping.  We were in the cheese area of the dairy section.  I was on one end getting shredded cheese & Matt was on the other getting ricotta.  As I walked back to the cart, this African American woman behind Matt says to me:
“is that your hunka-hunka burning love?”

And I said “why yes it is”

and she said “mmm-hmmm…i could tell” with a big grin.

It made me giggle he got hit on at the grocery store.  At least I think that was a compliment.  She said it kind of silly & with a smile.


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