Happy 4th of July

As a kid – 4th Of July was amazing.  The excitement I held for it was about equal to the excitement of Christmas.  Some of my best memories are from the 4th Of July.


The Kleist’s always knew how to throw a party.  But I will admit, without the help of Stacy, BethAnn, Susie, & I, their party wouldn’t be as awesome.  The 4 of us girls spent months counting down to the party.  B & Stacy would make special rice krispie bars – the US flag complete with stars & food coloring.  Susie & I would decorate & help with the food.  My mom always made her “Snicker & Apple Salad”.  Larry grilled brats & burgers.  The pool was open & happening.  All the neighborhood families were there.  Larry & Dad would bring the cars down to Hobbs early that day – to ensure a front row seat to the fireworks.  Even when it rained, the day was perfect.


To this day, 4th Of July is one of my favorite times of year.  Who doesn’t love great food & fireworks?  If you don’t, you are no friend of mine.


Now the weekend got even better, as Matt & I celebrate our Anniversary on the 3rd.  You really can’t go wrong.  There are always fireworks somewhere to be watched & you never have to go to work the day after – and you can usually watch more fireworks then too!

This year, for our first anniversary, we had a jam packed 4 day weekend.  I wouldn’t have done anything different.  Friday night we spent at the Rockie’s baseball game.  It was a DELIGHTFUL evening – the sun went behind a cloud so we didn’t bake and the temperature was nice.  After the game there was a huge fireworks display, which, as always, didn’t disappoint.

Saturday we went to breakfast & spent the majority of the day driving to all the bike shops in town testing out road bikes.

Sunday was our anniversary.  Again, went to breakfast, test out a few more bikes, went to a movie, played tennis, then enjoyed an amazing dinner at The Capitol Grille.  The problem w/ the Capitol Grille is the food is all so delicious.  By the time the meal actually comes, you’ve filled up on all the bread & yummy appetizers and there is no room for dinner.  Needless to say, we have a lot of leftovers!

Monday was more relaxing.  We picked Lucy up from the Kennel.  This is pretty much all she’s done since she got in the car & has been home.  Poor pup is exhausted – to much fun at the kennel.


Happy 4th Of July everyone!  & Happy Anniversary Matt!!!


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