He’s fine.

At Duke’s 12 month apt, his MD suggested we consider getting him tested for speech/communication delay.  I told her I think he’s fine, and has proven to be his own dude who does things on his own time.  We agreed to follow up at his 15 month apt.


At his 15 month apt, he was still behind, so I agreed to get him evaluated, to appease his MD, he’s fine.


After scheduling an apt. w/ early intervention, the case worker asked me what concerns I had.  I told him his MD thinks he’s behind on speech/communication, but I think he’ll catch up, no worries.


His first apt. was for his hearing test, in which he failed miserably.  He reacted to no sounds except the lady talking to him.  His ear drums also were not responding to vibrations and were “raging red”.

The second apt. was for speech therapy, occupational therapy & social evaluations.  The case manager again asked me what my concerns were and I told him I think he’s fine, but his MD thinks his communication & speech are delayed.  The speech therapist asked me the same question a few min. later & I told her the same thing.


After the evaluation, turns out he easily qualified for speech therapy.  As the speech therapist, case manager, & myself are sitting around the table discussing a plan and the evaluation, the case worker says “mom!  How do you feel now knowing Duke qualifies for services?”  Me:  I think he’s fine, but a little speech therapy won’t hurt.


I’m fairly certain the case worker wrote “mother in denial” in his file.

After a bit of a run around, we saw an ENT who suggested tubes.  We have since had a follow up hearing test after tubes, in which Duke passed with flying colors.  In the mean time, he’s receiving speech therapy.  Matt & I aren’t sure we want him to talk.  The kid already is noisy and walks around the house shouting “dah!  dah!  dah!” at everything.  Imagine when he actually has words?  We’re going to regret this decision, I’m sure of it.








See…he’s fine!!



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