Honey Do…

Now that I have a lot of extra free time, Matt & I have compiled a “honey do” list.  I’m doing AWESOME on it.  One of the items was to paint the window sill in the tub, it never got re painted after we re did the bathroom A YEAR AND A HALF AGO.  Geesh.  So then I got to thinking…we never painted behind the washing machine & water heater when I moved in.  We always said we’d do it when we got a new washer.  We got a new washer a little under TWO YEARS AGO.  Geesh…again.  I told Matt at 2:00 yesterday afternoon that since I have the paint out & the supplies out, I might as well just do it.  And he said “relax, we can always do it later”.  Relax…does he know who he married?  Not to mention, I did so much relaxing in the couch last night between 6-9:30, I almost went postal due to boredom.  Anyways…

Lets be honest…90% of the laundry room is painted a nice clean off white, and then the smaller area behind the washer & water heater are this ugly orange (I forgot to take before pictures…and I know I have some someplace, but the wash basin is the same color the orange wall was…so you get the point).

Anyways, he decided to just let me do my thing & moved the washer.  And although, I admit, it looks a lot nicer, more uniform, and CLEANER (the uncleanliness of the walls in this house before paint is a whole ‘nother post), I miss the orange.  the orange added pizzazz & as mom pointed out, it was unexpected.

**NOTE: Disregard the old nasty electrical outlet.  That will be changed into a nice new clean/fresh white one once I’m done with the post.  I just have to go out back in the cold & snow to shut off the electricity to the house.  Oh…how Matt loves having a capable woman in this house 🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to paint behind the water heater.  That just seemed to complicated, and who wants to take a water heater out?   So its still orange behind it.  I’ll just consider that my little extra flair in the laundry room.  A little hidden surprise and reminder of how far this house come.

**NOTE:  Disregard the dog biscuits….they don’t usually find their way on top of the laundry room, but today they did 🙂  Also, I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but seriously, my laundry room has THE WORST lighting EVER.

Next on the Honey Do list is to go through the filing cabinet.  WOOHOO!!

And now…for a totally different Oprah:
I’m fed up with the hippie movement.  Matt & I were in the grocery store parking lot Tuesday afternoon when we walked past this hippie looking woman getting into her HUGE SUV with a bike attached to the back.  The bike had a basket on the front decorated in fake flowers (I kind of dug it).  The part that killed me, is there was a huge sticker on her hippie bike that said “on less car”.  Seriously…if you’re not hippie enough to ride your bike in the cold, rain, & snow, then don’t put that sticker on your bike.  You’re either all in, or not in at all.  Or, AT LEAST, don’t drive a huge SUV, drive something a little more environmentally friendly, like a metro.  Save the huge SUV for non environmentalist like me.  Just sayin’……


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