I admit, I have no shame…nor should you

Most people who know me will say I have no shame.  They are probably right.  I’m that lady that struts her stuff naked in the women’s locker room.  What you see, is generally what you get.
That’s why I’m admitting this – I watched the season premiere of Jersey Shore last night.  Yes, you heard me right (and I know YOU watched it last night too, you’re just to chicken to fess up).  Horrendous TV is my guilty pleasure.  I love it.  I’m ADDICTED…i mean ADDICTED to 16 & pregnant & Teen Mom.  So, if you ever want to discuss that drama, feel free…I’ll talk to you for hours about it, with passion.

I try to save all of these horrible wonderful TV shows for night’s he’s at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), but sometimes he doesn’t go, and he’s forced to watch what I want.  Tuesday & Thursday evenings between the hours of 6:30pm-9:30pm I rule what is on the TV.

C to M: Did you know Jersey Shore is on tonight?

M: Seriously Babes?

C: Yeah..I think it starts at 8

M: Seriously (insert disgusted look).

C: Yeah..I’m watching it.

M: I hate watching this crap, these people are so dumb, its painful.  Everytime they are on, it’s like they have never set foot outside their house & have no idea about the world.

C: I know…its entertaining.

M: Really?

He reluctantly watched it, with commentary.  And his commentary is totally legit, these people are complete morons…and yet, they captivate me.

Teen Mom is a whole other Oprah.  I literally look forward to Tuesday PM when its on.  I ALWAYS DVR it, but that’s never required because I’m always home to watch it.  Most arguments in our marriage come from Tuesday nights – they usually turn out like this

*M walks in the door from BJJ*

M: Hey Babe

*C ignores*

M: Hi Lucy B!


M: Can’t you pause it & say hello?

*C ignores & turns up volume*

C: Seriously, can you pet the dog quieter?  Macy & Kyle are totally breaking up right now.

*C turns up volume more*

M: Really Catie????

*C gives stink eye*


I know its really pathetic, I’m COMPLETELY aware.  But I love watching mindless trashy TV..I just do.  I can’t help myself.


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