I think I’ll fit

M: So what happens if the weather remains really cold & snowy & we can’t put up the outdoor Christmas lights?


C: Did you forget who you married & where she’s from?

M: wha?

C: I’m from WI, we put up outdoor lights in the cold & snow every year.

M: I’m not putting them up if its below zero

C: Fine, then i’ll put them up myself


M: How are you going to get them out of the attic?

C: I’ll find a way to make the ladder talle enough so I can get into the attic

M: your pregnant belly won’t fit through the attic hole

C: my pregnant belly is still smaller than yours

M: *laughs* oh really? How big do you think you are around?


C: probably 48″.

M: *laughs*


Thankfully it will be warm this weekend, so I won’t have to get my pregnant belly through the attic hole.


F0r the record, I’m only 41″ around – I just measured.



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