I’m still cool, right???

I was standing in the plumbing aisle at Lowes yesterday looking for some clear plastic tubing when 3 guys rolled up on me.  I noticed they had a funnel…


Me: are you making a beer bong?

Guy 1: yes!  It’s spring break & time to party.

Me: fun! (now flashing back to college)

Guy 1:  Are you making one too?

Me:  No…I’m making a marble run…for my son…

Guy 2:  Awesome, if he’s old enough, he can come party with us!

Me: *half smile*….  Have fun guys!!   (What I wanted to say….”Bro! I’m making him a marble run”)


In my head, I’m still a fun 22 year old beer bonging fun chick.  Reality is I’m now a 32 year old marble run building cool mom (at least working on the cool part).


Side note…did anyone else notice my 3 year old got invited to a spring break beer bong party, but I didn’t?  Man, I must have looked old & uncool.


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