Its a girl – not oatmeal

Thankfully BethAnn delivered a healthy & beautiful little girl yesterday…not oatmeal (like Matt once thought).  Allison Jean Riewestahl was born last night at 8:31 pm weighing in at a hearty 8lbs even.  Allison & I share the same middle name.  I’m vain & like to think she was named after her amazing Aunt Catie, but I think she was more named after her Grandma & Great Grandma.  Eh…she’s already stubborn like me & does things on her own time.  Clearly they picked the perfect middle name.


Watch out boys…she’s going to be a heart breaker.

I wont lie, becoming an Auntie to beautiful nieces & nephews NEVER gets old.  Now I have one more cute nugget to love up on when I go back to Eau Claire (that happens in approximately 3 weeks!!).


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