Its the simple things in life…

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I always look for Kraft Spaghetti (you know…from the box).  And I’m always bummed becuase they don’t carry it here.  Lately, I’ve been really wanting it, so I did what any resourceful young lady would do, I called my mom.  Thankfully, she brought me 2 boxes!  I’m in heaven.  I want to eat Kraft Spaghetti for dinner & lunch everyday, but part of me thinks I should save & savor.

Kraft Spaghetti was a staple in the Brazzale household growing up.  Why wouldn’t it be?  Its easy, cheap, amazing, zesty, tangy, & delicious…all at the same time.

Matt & I had a box for dinner last night.  I won’t lie, I was impatient ALL day at work, I couldn’t WAIT to get home and eat it.  I don’t know what it is about that little green box, but its wonderful.

All i know is:


= One Happy Lady!!!!!!!

P.S.  Matt had it for the first time, and he agreed, its pretty stinkin’ good.  What a deprived child he was.


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