Lake house vacation part 1

This past weekend Link & I went to my parents lake house.  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a month – there was a parade involved & I figured he’d love it.  Not to mention he’s been talking non stop all summer about boating & swimming w/ the fishies.


Our trip didn’t start off on the right foot.  By the time we go to the airport at 8am, I knew it was going to be a long day of battling Link’s strong will.  We made it through security just fine and were headed to our gate & grab some food.  Once we got near our gate, I noticed there was no one in line at the counter so I figured now was my chance to gate check the stroller & not have to worry about it later.  While I did that, Link wandered over to the window to look at planes.  I told him it was time to leave, we were going to grab breakfast, & I assured him we’d eat in front of the window in the restaurant so he could still see planes.  He started to panic.  I told him we could look at planes out this window for another 2 min. and then I was going to need him to make a good decision and walk with me to breakfast , where we could still see planes, or I was going to have to carry him, which he was not going to like.


Shocker, he opted for option 2 – and FREAKED OUT.  I carried him, kicking, screaming “I want planes!” & crying, to the bakery where I ordered our food (we got dirty looks from everyone).  At first, I tried to explain that we could sit next to the window (I even showed him) where we could not only see parked planes, but planes taking off & landing.  It didn’t help.  His panic & rage got worse.  I ignored him and could only focus on all the looks I was getting and how incredibly slow the guy making bagels was taking.  Dude…I no longer care if it’s toasted.  You don’t even need to put the cream cheese on, I’ll eat it plain – JUST GIVE ME MY BAGEL SO I CAN GO HIDE!  Also, by this time, I’m sweating through my shirt – no joke.  Sweat from trying not to drop my unruly 2 year old.  Sweat from rage.  Sweat from embarrassment.


We found a seat next to the window and I watched two separate couples get up & leave mid meal.  Mind you, my kid is still raging.  At this point, I’m calling Matt, and also crying.  I know he can’t help me, but maybe he can talk me off the ledge.  He reassured me that even though it feels like this has been going on for 60 years, it’s only going to last a few more minutes & I just need to force food in his mouth & hang on.  Link finally settled down.  He also ate ¾ of my bagel and ¾ of his muffin.  Looking back, he exuding one of his fathers traits – extremely irrational & angry when hungry.  I should have seen the signs & known better.


Just as I was thinking about how much of a jerk he was being, he wiped my cheek and said “mommy, you sad?” and gave me the most pathetic look ever.  Ugh…this boy.
Thankfully, the flight went pretty good, although he was restless.  I should have bought the lady sitting in front of us a drink for all the times Link kicked her seat.

At last, we landed, found our luggage and rented our car.  The man at Avis must have seen my pit stains & was kind enough to pull the car up for us.  I loaded Link up and started to drive to the nearest McDonalds to grab a quick lunch.  However, this happened before we even got out of the rental car parking garage.


Link slept the entire 1 hour & 45 min. drive to the lake.  It was exactly what I needed to get my mind right.

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