Lake House Vacation Part 2

Once we arrived at the Lake, it was awesome.  Link was stoked to see his Poppy (sorry Mimi).

Poppy quickly showed Link the pontoon in which Link blared the horn for what seemed like forever.  Toddlers & buttons!  It didn’t matter – it was one of the rare times I saw a smile on Link’s face that day.


Friday was a relaxed day while we waited for Sarah & B to come with the cousins.  Link LOVED hanging out w/ Gabe.  There might be a 4 year age difference between the two, but boy do they have a lot in common.  Rough housing, trains, cars, planes, & movies.   Link was in heaven.
Saturday we attended the parade – Link’s first ever.  He didn’t quite know what to make of it.  On one hand, he thought seeing the fire trucks & tractors up close was mind blowing, but hearing their loud noises was terrifying.  Link also didn’t quite get the concept of gathering candy – obviously not my child.  Thanks Poppy for helping the kid out!

Parade 3


Parade 2

Parade 1

Parade 5

Parade 4

We ended Saturday by roasting marshmallows & fire works.  Link showed he had some of my DNA in him & didn’t like smores, but LOVED the marshmallows.  Again, not a fan of the fireworks – “they loud mommy”.


Sunday it was back to Denver we went.  It was a much better trip & Link was to full of the sillies to nap.

Funny Face


Oh!  Did I mention Allison got a bounce house for her birthday & kindly brought it with her to the lake to share with her cousins?  I’m positive we need one (and the view).

Bounce House


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