Like a boss

Everyday we get a report from school on Link & Duke.  Link always gets “he had such a great day”, “Link was a good listener today”, “Link was a great helper”, “Link was a rock star”, etc.  I figured kids always got good reports.  The Friday before Easter, I was picking him up at the same time another family was picking up their boy.  The mom said “Little Boy!  You had another bad day?  Why are you having such a hard week!?” after looking at his sheet.


Earlier this week, Matt was talking to his teacher about it.  Saying we thought every kid got a good report, but apparently not & if Link is naughty, don’t hesitate to let us know.  She told him he’s such a good boy.  Always sweet to the other kids, a good listener, does what he’s told, never has to “take a break”. If he’s not, she just has to give him the “look” and he shapes up.


Yesterday, we got this.

bad report

I thought it was him not minding his own business.  We’ve been working on that.  He tends to “tell” on other kids when they aren’t doing what they are told, because you know, he’s a goody two shoes.  However, when Matt asked his teacher this AM, apparently he was bossing all the kids around & telling them what to do.


This just confirms my suspicions of him running a Fortune 500 company someday.


(at least he wasn’t jumping off the tables, being defiant, having a melt down, or hurting other kids)


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